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Aviation Hall

Aviation Hall

The Government’s Buildings Agency is currently working on the Aviation Hall roof. Consequently, some parts of the hall may not be accessible to the public. We thank you for your understanding.

From hot-air balloons to the F-16

The Aviation Hall undoubtedly is the Military Museum’s most iconic gallery. That needs not surprize us, as more than 100 aircraft and miscellaneous flying equipment are put on display in a spectacular 10,000 mvenue.

Discover more than one hundred years of aviation history: from the earliest experiments with balloons, over the First and Second World War planes and aircraft, to the F-16. Household names such as the Spitfire, the Tiger Moth and the legendary Dakota are included in the set-up.


The history of this gallery parallels that of the Jubilee Park. The “Machinery Gallery” of the national exhibition in 1880 was used for various activities until the 1970s: from trade fairs and hot-air balloon festivals to horse-races. In 1972 it started to welcome the magnificent items that you can still admire today.

The collection grew rapidly as a result of a major acquisition policy and exchange campaign. This led to the more than 130 aircraft and the hundred or so aircraft engines that make this collection unique and one of the most important in Europe.

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